Connectors and Cable harnessess

We provide customer oriented solutions and design support to create cost effective connector and cable harness concepts.

  • RF connectors and cables    -> Download Entertec catalogue

  • RJ connectors, also including Ethernet transformers

  • IP67-68 waterproof connectors and over moldings

  • FFC/FPC cables, connectors and sub-assemblies

  • Pogo Pin connectors -> Download Pogo Pin catalogue

  • Card connectors – SIM, SD, Micro-SD, etc.

  • Power connectors – BtB, BtW: up to 300A

  • Miniature connectors BtW, BtB

  • Terminal Blocks with screw and spring contacts

  • DIN41612 and 2mm Backplane

  • D-Sub and Combo D-Sub


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Connectors and Cable Harnesses
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