The Company

Elgood Oy has been representing leading manufacturers of electronic components since 1997. Today our operations are concentrated even more towards customer oriented solutions.

Our portfolio consists of high quality solutions to nearly all electronic devices and machines with cost effective needs in thermal management, connectors, cable harnesses, printed circuit boards and sub assembly solutions. In Elgood team we have dedicated experts for all product groups to support designers.

Electronics Manufacturing Services offers own challenges especially for logistics performance. This is why we need to have own expertize team to serve production professionals. By having seamless cooperation in the whole production chain, from design to production, we will achieve profitable win-win cooperation for all.

Elgood Oy is a part of the international Addtech-group and belongs to the Components division within the Group. By having a strong network we have excellent possibilities to offer global services to all of our customers.


Addtech provides customized components and systems for industrial production.  Addtech Group has over 130 subsidiary companies having totally over 2600 employee with turnover of about 800 Meur.



Satisfied personnel create satisfied customers. The foundation of all our operations is based on quality.

You'll reach us always!

The Logistics of Electronic Manufacturing Services have their specific demands. Our EMS-support team is here to help you when you need it.

Priit ”räägib” also in Estonian!

Our product group experts have excellent technical know-how of their products. That is how we can support product designers and help them achieve cost effective solutions.

Together we make it better!

Every continent sets its individual logistical challenges to which we always find a solution to. Deliveries globally and warehousing even in Asia.

With us your delivery will not disappear!

We tailor our services to meet individual customer needs. Our aim is to be a  flexible, reliable and a well known partner for our customers, locally as well as globally.

Small serves better!

Partco is Elgood's store and a webshop for all clients and customers -private, companies and schools.

Everyone buys from us!

Our own warehouse is located in Helsinki within our main office. Deliveries can be shipped out even on the day of order and we provide buffering to meet with customer deadlines and targets.

In Elgood we know how goods are packed!

Elgood Oy, Juurakkotie 5B, 01510 VANTAA, FINLAND | Tel. +358 (0)207 981 140 |