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Hirose IX-industrial connector now available                         

Hirose has released new compact industrial ethernet connector series to replace old RJ45. IX-series have Cat.5e(1Gbps) and Cat.6A(10Gbps) high-speed Ethernet performance.

Ethernet communication between electronic equipment has increased with the “Industry 4.0” trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. This brings efficiency of manufacturing with ICT (Information & Communications Technology). The ix Industrial™ connector features a small robust design for use in industrial environments. The high-speed transmission design contributes to equipment evolution and smart manufacturing applications. The standard interface is compliant with IEC PAS 61076-3-124. It can be widely used as a next generation standard connector.


  • Compact
    • The ix Industrial offers a reduced size of 75% compared to conventional RJ-45 modular solutions. This size reduction allows for reduced installation space.
    • The receptacles allow for a parallel 10mm pitch mounting for daisy-chaining in compact units contributing to size reduction of end use products.

  • Robust
    • HIROSE's unique shell design offers a high PCB retention force. High cable pull-out force and wrenching force delivers a durable plug cable connection.

  • High EMC Resistance
    • Optimized shielding design guarantees high EMC resistance to secure safe data transmission.

  • High Data Rate Transmission
    • Cat.5e(1Gbps) and Cat.6A(10Gbps) high-speed Ethernet performance.


 Please check the video 










  • Factory Automations & Robotics
  • Data Center
  • Security System
  • Tranportation


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Technical sales, Connectors and Cable Harnesses
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