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GBE Micro Coaxial Cables

Our partner, Golden Bridge Electech provides perfect solutions for high speed signal transmission. As a cable solution provider for more than 35 years, GBE has its own factory to produce Micro Coaxial Cables as well as full cable assemblies.

Micro Coaxial Cables can be used as a single RF cable and as a multi-core cable for high speed data signal transmission. GBE Micro Coaxial Cables are available in wide range of cable sizes between AWG48 and AWG36. Jacket diameters vary from 0,16 mm up to 0,54 mm and with impedance 50ohm at 100 MHz, it can be used in LVDS. One wire 50ohm coaxial is impedance compatible to two wire 100ohm twisted pair solution for LVDS.

Each signal wire is shielded and highly flexible. That way the cables are excellent for constant movement or very tight mechanical spaces. In cable assembly wires can be loose, taped together or with highly flexible tubing.  


                                             GBE Ultrasound datacable has up to 208 signal wires. 


Hirose Connectors                

Wide range of Hirose Connectors are also available for all solutions. Pin counts 14pin and 15pin are available and connector pitch varies from 0,3 mm to 1 mm. Wires always enter horizontally but connector can be plugged in vertically on top or horizontally. Connectors' mounting heights start from 0,7 mm.   




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Mr. Heikki Heinonen

Connectors and Cable harnesses

+358 (0) 207 981 136

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