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Winstar´s New HDMI TFT Series

Winstar has announced a new HDMI TFT series which is starting with 5", 7”and 10.1” sizes and more size options are under development. HDMI TFT enables easy connection to Raspberry PI or other embedded computing.

7" HDMI Interface TFT-LCD

Winstar 7" WF70BTIFGDHTX is a medium-sized HDMI display, made of high resolution 1024x600 dots, also 800x480 dots is available. This 7 inch TFT Display comes with HDMI interface board and a 40-pin connector which enables the easy connection to Raspberry Pi. This TFT display has a USB interface for Resistive Touch screen, the Capacitive Touch Panel is under development and it will be released soon. Customers can connect WF70BTIFGDHTX module with Raspberry Pi directly.

You can simply use this medium-sized TFT display with your Raspberry Pi, and also you can use it as computer display with any device which has HDMI output. This 7" TFT model is a good choice for embedded computing usage.


Link to website specification www.winstar.com.tw/products/tft-lcd/hdmi-tft-lcd/7_0


10.1" HDMI Interface IPS TFT-LCD

WF101FSAFPLHTX is a 10.1 inch high brightness version TFT display with incredibly high resolution and great angle-visibility. This 10.1” TFT display is having IPS TFT panel with a HDMI interface output, high resolution WXGA 1280x800. This 10.1" TFT comes with HDMI interface board which enables the easy usage with Raspberry Pi.

WF101FSAFPLHTX has an option for Resistive Touch screen with USB interface, Capacitive Touch Panel is still under development and it will be released soon. Customers can connect WF101FSAFPLHTX module with the Raspberry Pi directly.


Link to website specification www.winstar.com.tw/products/tft-lcd/hdmi-tft-lcd/10_1

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